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So I’m in the middle of a short series on ways to green an existing house, but a quick interlude to point you to a neat little application that is a bit smarter than Microsoft’s built in Energy Saving settings, and certainly, most people I know just set their screensaver to run, but don’t think about their energy consumption.

Computers are terrible energy hogs, and they’re the type of appliance that just gets left on in offices and homes all around the world. I’ve had this program running for a couple of months now and it unobtrusively shuts off the monitor, harddrives and eventually puts the computer into a hibernated state if I so desire, (note that some software and USB peripherals really don’t like being put through a hibernation cycle so be aware of this one).

More than 30 billion kilowatt-hours of energy is wasted because many of us simply forget to shut down our computers when we’re not using them. If we could just improve the efficiency of how we use our PCs, the savings in energy costs would be over $3 billion! The CO2 emissions from just 15 computers are equivalent in energy terms to the gas consumption used by one car.

Source: Local Cooling

Anyway, I thought I’d show off my stats (but the widget was looking funny, soI’ll work on it a bit!), of course like most things web2.0, the catch is in the community implementation and the tracking. If you’re in the Kootenays and are reading this, I’ve started a group in the account settings called “Kootenays”, where we can all become happy friendly local coolers.  I don’t think I’ll put it as a widget on my blogs at this stage, but maybe I’ll randomly add it in as a link on posts.

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