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Logjams and Debris Flows

Log Debris at Greely Bridge
Log Debris at Greely Bridge
This logjam at the Greely Bridge across the Illecillewaet River was a result of a debris flow last week. I provided information gathered on this event to the Revelstoke Times Review for an article.

The slide caused water flows to increase almost six-fold in the span of less than two hours. According to hydrometric data collected by Environment Canada, flows went from 34 cubic-metres per second at 7:45 p.m. all the way to 185 cubic-metres per second at 9:20 p.m. Flows didn’t return to normal until late the following morning.

Via: Massive surge on Illecillewaet River causes concerns – Revelstoke Times Review

Of concern to the City is the logjam in Box Canyon seen in an aerial shot below, this will need to be investigated and possibly removed prior to winter.

Log Jam in Box Canyon - Image via Ministry of Transportation
Log Jam in Box Canyon - Image via Ministry of Transportation


The whole Illecillewaet River has been running black since the incident, as seen in this video.

The debris flow originated from a glacial lake outflow, up in the Woosley Creek catchment.

Photo from Ministry of Transportation
Glacial Lake in Woolsey Creek catchment - Photo from Ministry of Transportation


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