Low Flush Toilets

The City of Rossland is going ahead with a rebate program for the replacement of old toilets with newer, low flush models. This is in addition to the Province’s (BC) recent announcement that all new houses will be fitted with low flush toilets. The final details of the program have not been ironed out, but it raises an interesting question that impacts everyone.

What standards of performance do toilet manufacturers have to meet?

When I’m talking about performance of a toilet, this is purely a function of what can be flushed using the water available, and not surprisingly a standard test has been developed in the past decade to determine the relative efficiency of various toilet models (pdf – 6MB).

Some toilets perform really well, others are just not as good. Out of interest, I’m going to see what models are available in the local stores around here, and check them against the test results. If you are considering an upgrade to your existing toilets, I’d recommend checking out the study linked above. Just like purchasing a fridge or washing machine, you want to get the best value for the money you are prepared to spend.

Potty Humour from the B.C. Citizens for Green Energy

On a side note, unfortunately not all commentators see low flush toilets as a good thing and have resorted to low grade potty humour in response to recent Provincial announcements on water and sustainability. First some commentary by the Golden Star…

In a recent press release from Gene Vickers, co-spokesperson for the ubiquitos B.C. Citizens for Green Energy (BCCGE) entitled “The low-flow flaw of compromised commodes” the group has focused their ever-vigilant eye on the, sorry just want to read it over one more time to be sure, yep, the water saving low-flow toilet.

In what appears to be put forward as a logical progression: because the liberal party wants to legislate low-flow toilets, the opposition wants to, as stated, “predictably” call for a ban on run of river, BCCGE would have us believe that, actually it seems unsure of what they would have us believe, is the message intended to suggest that low-flow toilets are somehow connected to run of river projects?

Source: BCLocalNews.com – Community News Papers from across BC Online

And now some of the offending article….

Barry was straining so hard to purge his country of legislated loos that he tried to start a citizens’ uprising — or as he called it, “a movement.”
As he put it, low-flow toilets were inadequate for really big jobs like “an act of congress.”
That being the case, these compromised commodes couldn’t pass an act of legislature either.

Source: The Live Wire

Have you retrofitted you toilets? What about other water saving fixtures around your home?

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