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I read this news update with bemusement…

Hillside Shopping Centre would undergo a $60-million expansion and renovation under a proposal heading for review at Victoria City Hall today.

Hillside mall pitches 20-store expansion

Has anyone asked whether this is needed for the residents of Victoria? Expanding a mall?

I’ve got nothing against malls or their owners, but in a market where there is likely to be less disposable income it seems a little odd to be proposing a $60M upgrade to something requiring a good level of “play money”.

On the positive side, it seems that this may be more than just your typical skin-job upgrade, with the removal of some of the freestanding buildings, more trees, better stormwater management and hopefully a better integration of bus transit facilities. One question I’d be asking is whether the owners propose to increase the parking allocation for the expanded mall, or if they are going to encourage more transit usage. Another question would be the energy efficiency of the new construction.

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  1. Well, I know that mall very well as I lived near it for a few years during my uni days, and then again a few years later. It's already a pretty big mall that has undergone a huge expansion in the last decade. It used to be a horrible mall, but in the seven years I was gone from Victoria it blossomed into quite a nice shopping centre. I read the article and know where the proposed expansion is going. It's going to eliminate a lot of parking, for one thing, and I suspect the already crappy traffic pattern around the mall are going to get even crappier. Do they need an expansion? Uh, no. Seems a little ridiculous to me.

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