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Does the City of Castlegar use Roundup? Almost a year ago, a motion was brought forward to council to stop using pesticides – the motion was not seconded by any of the other councillors, so the issue wasn’t even discussed to hear why the council was happy with the current use of pesticides (see page 8 of this pdf for a record of these minutes – not much to see).

I don’t know what varieties of pesticides are used in Castlegar by pubilc works and recreation staff, but Roundup is a likely contender. If so, this recent study is extremely troubling and the use of any pesticides on public spaces should cease immediately. This isn’t some crazy conspiracy theory, this is Scientific American reporting a study from France‚Äôs University of Caen.

In the French study, researchers tested four different Roundup formulations, all containing POEA and glyphosate at concentrations below the recommended lawn and agricultural dose. They also tested POEA and glyphosate separately to determine which caused more damage to embryonic, placental and umbilical cord cells.

Glyphosate, POEA and all four Roundup formulations damaged all three cell types. Umbilical cord cells were especially sensitive to POEA. Glyphosate became more harmful when combined with POEA, and POEA alone was more deadly to cells than glyphosate. The research appears in the January issue of the journal Chemical Research in Toxicology.

Weed-Whacking Herbicide Proves Deadly to Human Cells

This Spring I’ve heard a few complaints about the use of pesticides on public spaces in Castlegar. The practice needs to stop, particularly if Roundup is being used. It just needs to be a policy of council that City staff will not use chemical pesticides. These areas are play spaces for children, not just expanses of lawn or “open space”, they are not suitable for the use of chemicals that may cause damage to humans. Of course, Monsanto is claiming that the tests were unrealistic – but if you read the article, it seems as thought the researchers did their homework on that front.


Send letters to the City referencing this scientific study, asking them to stop using chemical pesticides once and for all.

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Mike Thomas P.Eng. ENV SP, is the author of and Director of Engineering at the City of Revelstoke in the Interior of British Columbia, Canada.

2 replies on “Monsanto’s Roundup is Confirmed to Kill Human Cells”

  1. Letter to City of Casltegar — The Mayor, City Councillors & C.A.O.

    Re: Canadian Cancer Society Media Release on Pesticides
    ‘Medical community urges BC government to act on pesticides’ | The Castlegar Source

    Okay. Enough is enough.

    For years informed Citizens of Castlegar have been ‘polite’, ‘gentle’, ‘kind’ … even ‘nice’ … in ‘softly entreating’ their ‘enlightened’ but terribly busy municipal leadership to DO SOMETHING! — besides more talk, more platitudes and more studies — to ADDRESS THE ISSUE of dumping proven carcinogens on the good earth of Castlegar … making our Residents ill and generating birth defects in our children’s children.

    Perhaps there is nothing that can de done about the Castlegar Radon / Cancer issue, except enforcing a tighter building code, providing closer scrutiny of building permit, & Public Education, … but the solution to the pesticides challenge can be very easily achieved.


    Mayor and Councillors! DO SOMETHING! You are responsible for City Policy.

    BAN the proven toxic chemicals … and PUBLISH the lists of proven SAFE substitutes. ( … such as vinegar and water, which apparently will also kill weeds in sidewalks as effectively as the poisons from DOW CHEMICALS & MONSANTO.)

    Please take your RESPONSIBILITY to provide for the well-being of All the Residents of Castlegar seriously!

    NOT some time in the Future. NOT after another study. … NOT after the Provincial Government decides to advocate for the People of Castlegar … but RIGHT NOW!

    Please advise as to when the local ban will take effect.

    Thank you!

    Raymond Koehler

    619 – 9th Avenue,
    Castlegar, BC V1N 1M5


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