Today there is some more news regarding the acquisition of Intellisolve by AutoCAD. Two more stormwater extensions are available for Civil3D as of today (apparently). If you are a subscribing customer with Autodesk, head over to the subscription centre and download these and get thinking about how you can use these to improve your efficiency in design.

During the training session I ran at the end of last year, I talked about using HEC-HMS for pond sizing and analyzing pre- and post- development flows. This is a great free tool, one that I , continue to recommend, particularly if you don’t have a subscription with Autodesk! However, one of these new extensions should do this easier than HEC-HMS, it’s called Hydraflow Hydrographs. I think this could be a great tool to improve how you do this type of analysis and detention pond design.

The other extension, Hydraflow Express is a collection of calculators that solve hydraulics and hydrology problems for culverts, inlets, channels, and weirs.
I haven’t had experience with either of these packages, but I imagine they are easy to use, and may integrate into Civil3D better than most other options. For those who haven’t caught up, the Stormsewer 2005 software was bought by Autodesk and integrated into Civil3D 2008 as “Stormsewer 2008 Extension”, a free download for subscription customers, which in my mind, was about time.

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  1. I'm glad that there are affordable options such as HUD available. You never know when that is something that will need to be considered as an option, especially in troubling financial times like we are in.

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