Not Just Silt Fences

While working in the consulting side of Civil Engineering I was able to see a lot of different erosion and sediment control techniques in practice. What baffles me is that something this simple can be done so badly, or not at all!

2178809039_5c9dd2bfd1_m While written from a US perspective the Field Manual on Sediment and Erosion Control Best Management Practices for Contractors and Inspectors is one of the best resources available to contractors to ensure they are installing the right control structures in the right situations, and that they are doing it properly.

There are a lot of mistakes seen commonly in erosion and sediment control, here are my top three…

  • Relying on sediment control, with no mitigation of erosion.
  • Over-reliance on silt fencing.
  • Improper installation of silt fencing.

Check out the book at if you are involved in the management or inspection of erosion and sediment control.

I’ll write more on each of these, and maybe more in the coming weeks.