If you haven’t heard of James Howard Kunstler, you should watch this short CBC video focusing on the various skills that we will need to revive as we navigate through the impending energy descent…

CBC.ca – Life Without Cheap Oil

It’s not a question of if, but when. Futurist and author James Howard Kunstler talks about life in a world without cheap oil

532687354_fdef042d72_m This is not some crackpot idea, (apparently like Urban Chickens and Goats in Castlegar – more on that later), but this is a balanced approach to a real issue – and James Howard Kunstler is not alone in his theories.

If oil production is in decline, oil consumption is increasing, and there are no technologies that have the energy capacity as oil, what can we do except use less of the stuff?

About six months ago I wrote a four post series (that could definitely be added to) entitled “Strategic Sustainability for Survival – Are you ready for change?

Link: James Howard Kunstler’s Website.


HT to Craig at Our Green Year.

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