John Chow - Vancouver SunBlogging and selling advertising space on blogs is quite a money maker for some people, John Chow is one of them. If you don’t believe me, here’s an image off his website of the headline from the Vancouver Sun’s business section for tomorrow. If I get a chance, I’ll link to it tomorrow.

$3440.66 in ad revenues a month!

But how? I hear you ask! Here are some of the ways that bloggers can earn money.

Pay Per Click Ads

These are pretty common, you see them on the side of Google Search Results and down the side of many blogs, generally they are contextual, so if you are writing a post about say blogging, the ads shown will be about, wait for it…. blogging! The providers of these ads, which include Google and Yahoo analyze the contents of the page being viewed and serve up appropriate ads.

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How it works: I’ll refer to Darren Rowse’s post on the matter here…

AdSense is a ‘contextual’ advertising program where publishers simply add a piece of code to their blogs that helps Google analyze what your page is about so they can serve ads on that topic. This increases the chances of your readers clicking the ad which increases the chances that you’ll earn something from them.
» AdSense: ProBlogger Blog Tips

CrispAds Blog AdvertisingNow before you think "Wow, I can go and click links all day long on my website…" remember to read the Ad network’s terms and conditions which are likely to include rules about fraudulent clicks or any other unusual behavior. There are a number of different pay per click advertising programs, for starters you should sign up for, but for starters, get into adsense by clicking the link above. Others such as the CrispAds Blog Advertising Network! offer lower payout thresholds ($5.00) and a higher revenue share (70%). Check both of these programs out, from the CrispAds website, it states that you can run both on the same site without violating Google’s terms of service.

Text Link Ads

There are a number of companies offering text link ads, either as a contextual list of links, (Google Adsense – see the link above) or as a paid per placement per month system (Text Link Ads). Some people are now saying that through text link ads they are making the bulk of their online income, well worth checking out if your blog qualifies.

Affiliate Programs

Amazon affiliates is the only program I’m using on my blogs, but people who run technology blogs find that some of the others such as Commission Junction are worthwhile money earners.

Other Money Makers

There are lots of other ways to make money on blogs, and there will always be new ways too. For some of the best writing on this topic, subscribe to Darren Rowse’s website Problogger and get his thoughts on making money online every day. There are even indirect ways of making money, getting free goods, or bursaries to conferences.

John Chow has used many of these means to get to his $3440.66 in ad revenue on his blog in a month, what are you doing to make money online?


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