Do you wear glasses? Both Robyn and I do, and today we ordered a couple of pairs of glasses from an online glasses retailer. For less than a quarter of the cost, you can get decent glasses shipped quickly to your home, all you need is your prescription, but on many of the sites a photo of your face will help too, so you can “try before you buy”.

2174260506_d4911513fb_m We ordered from Optical4Less, and you can get 10% discount using the code “glassyeyes” via: GlassyEyes – a great blog all about ordering glasses online!

We’ll keep you updated on the status of the order, and maybe some photos of the glasses when they arrive, if they look any good. For those of you who have the pleasure of seeing me regularly, you’ll see them as soon as I get them!


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Mike Thomas P.Eng. ENV SP, is the author of and Director of Engineering at the City of Revelstoke in the Interior of British Columbia, Canada.

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