It was a damp cool morning as we walked into the Pass Creek Fall Fair grounds when Robyn lent over to me and said, “We live here”. I know what she means by that; while not the biggest fall fair, it is our community’s opportunity to celebrate the harvest and the end of summer with a fair.

Equestrian at Pass Creek Fall Fair

The building anticipation for the exhibits was easy to delay with friends around manning the displays, and the early morning horse competition underway. Eden was in heaven taking photos of the girls equestrian events, although the photos often had a clear view of the fence a foot away from the lens. As we wandered closer to the exhibits and the hope of awards lying within from all our hard work, we all restrained ourselves. Entering the building, we stuck to walking down the aisles, looking only at the exhibits in front of us, even though we knew there were some of our works just on the other side of the aisle. The tension was delicious, with Eden trying to sneak a peek to see if she had won anything or not. As we rounded to where the girls entries were, both Eden and Nyssa got excited to see that they both received awards for their art, craft, and jewelery. Robyn and I did pretty well too, though none of our photos ranked places.

The exhibits and the work that goes into them, either in the garden, behind the lens, at the craft table or in the kitchen; are a lot of fun. Homeschooling our girls gives us the perfect excuse to indulge in these activities and make them part of schooling. But it is not just the exhibits that make the Fall Fair stand out as an event in our family’s calendar, it is catching up with friends and soaking up the atmosphere. Everyone’s smiling, the volunteers are having fun and there are kids everywhere. Someone’s singing up on the stage, the BBQ is cranked, and the horses and riders look impeccable.

Fairl Gardens

I remember vividly as a boy driving through the City to get to the Royal Easter Show, having spent the previous week pouring over the showbag catalogs and maps of the showgrounds and even schedules. Should we go to the fireworks, what about the grand parade? When should we head to the showbags hall? What rides could we go on with the money we had allocated? It was a full day out, usually ending with a sleepy ride home in the back of the car surrounded by bags of candy and chips and other showbag paraphernalia – frisbees, magic tricks, giant inflatables, yo-yos or whatever else was cool that year scattered across the backseat between my sister and I as the orange glow of the streetlights flashed by overhead

The Pass Creek Fall Fair is not the Calgary Stampede or the Sydney Royal Easter Show that marked the calendars of Robyn and my youth, but this is where we live – and this is our community’s show that we can take part in.


Published by Mike Thomas

Mike Thomas P.Eng. ENV SP, is the author of and Director of Engineering at the City of Revelstoke in the Interior of British Columbia, Canada.