[ad#200-left]Percy Schmeiser has put Bruno Saskatchewan on the map for many people around the world. A lifelong farmer, Percy was charged with Patent Infringement by Monsanto when his fields were found to be contaminated with their genetically modified canola crop. The ensuing battle went all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada which left Percy and his wife with none of their 50 years of canola crop research, (Monsanto got it all), and a $400,000 legal bill.

Percy Schmeiser has been telling his story around the world, and at 77 years old, he’s quite the speaker. Last night, the Kootenay Food Strategy Society, GE Free BC and the local radio station CJLY with Deconstructing Dinner, hosted a night with Percy at the Brilliant Cultural Centre.

The video below shows Percy talking about one of Monsanto’s techniques for determining if a farm is growing their genetically modified canola.

For those who are interested in more, listen in to this mp3 from Deconstructing Dinner featuring Maude Barlow (who also recently spoke in Castlegar) and Percy Schmeiser.

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