Performancing for Firefox – 1.4 Coming Soon

As many of you who’ve been reading for a while know, I’ve struggled to find a tool that meets all my blogging requirements. One o my favourites, that I keep returning to, is Performancing for Firefox, currently in its 1.3 release, but soon to be upgraded with improved image handling, and it looks like support for Blogger as well.  They are on track to release a couple of betas in the near future, read more after the jump:

Performancing for Firefox Update |

Specifically we want to make sure Image Uploading and Blogger support are solid, and we mean rock solid! A new dev build with improved Blogger support will be going out over the next few days, so if you are Blogger user, or even on the latest Blogger beta, send me a PM with your email address, or express your interest in this thread, and I’ll make sure you get a build to test. Following the Blogger dev build, we would like to have a beta release for a smaller audience to test out the new Image Uploading capabilities (which are going to Rock!).

Finding a desktop blog tool that does everything is a challenge.  Even the paid programs have limitations that stop me from buying in, but the simplicity of the Performancing interface, and the fact that it sits inside firefox, so no double loading of software to get a quick post out.  At the moment I’m writing this through portable firefox, with the performancing firefox extension loaded, an idea way to manage posts written over different computers too.

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