Phone Funnies

The first days back at work can be a struggle after a holiday, and it was a good one, lots of family time, hiking, enjoying Spring and seeing the wonders of the Canadian Rockies. Lots of photos here and still more to come over the next couple of weeks.

This morning I had a joyful phone experience with an AutoCad rep…

If you can’t see the flash comic strip above, click here.

I am in the middle of deciding what level of cad software we need as an organization, at the moment, I’m torn between Civil design ability and straight CAD. ProgeCad 2010 (under $500) meets almost all of my cad needs and wants, while Carlson Civil Suite (currently around $2500) isn’t as good for Cad, but has a pretty intuitive and comprehensive design suite, including hydrology. Considering that the equivalent product in AutoCad’s lineup, Civil3D  prices around four times that amount, it is difficult to justify, even for dedicated civil design offices.

I’ll be using the free 30 day trial offered by AutoCAD and deferring my decision on CAD and design software for another day.

By the way, if you want to hear a really neat story about the comic strip website above, and how it is getting used in the classroom, listen to this podcast by TVO’s Jesse Brown.

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