PM Calls Urgent Murray-Darling Melbourne Cup Lunch


Oh sorry, it’s not a Melbourne Cup lunch, it’s an Urgent Water Summit.  All of a sudden it’s urgent? Where has the Prime Minister of Australia been for the past ten years through this drought? And holding this meeting on Melbourne Cup day, a public holiday in Victoria, that’s un-Australian surely!

PM calls urgent Murray-Darling water summit Prime Minister John Howard has called an urgent water summit with the New South Wales, Victorian and South Australian Premiers. A spokesman for New South Wales Premier Morris Iemma, says he received a call last week from Mr Howard’s office calling for the summit next week. The meeting has been scheduled for Tuesday in Canberra and will focus on the Murray Darling basin, as well as the drought.

Source: PM calls urgent Murray-Darling water summit. 05/11/2006. ABC News Online

Federal Opposition Leader Kim Beazley says the Commonwealth must show leadership to deal with the nation’s growing water problems.

Parliamentary secretary for water Malcolm Turnbull has told Channel Nine the Murray-Darling Basin is facing a serious crisis. “By the end of the irrigation season in April or May, the big dams on the river will be just about empty,” he said. Mr Beazley says the Federal Government has to take the lead on water. He says Mr Howard is only now discussing the issue of water because there is political pressure on him to do so. “

John Howard discovers water about 12 months before every election,” he said.

Source: Leadership needed on water, Labor says. 05/11/2006. ABC News Online

The largest of our river systems is at record lows, running near empty for much of it’s length. Hopefully these guys won’t call for a committee to investigate, and will hold some hard answers and solutions to this problem. I heard it reported that thirsty agricultural crops will not be changed or abandoned, even though many of them are unsuitable for Australia’s climate and prolonged drought conditions. Ahh, the wheels of politics grind slowly.


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