Update: Following this post at performancing.com, I’ve extended this quick and dirty post into a review of the service.

Do you have a blog? Do you know who’s visiting and what they are viewing and downloading from your site? If you don’t, or the software you are using isn’t working for you, check out pMetrics.

Yes pMetrics is back up and running. I’ve just reinstalled the script and will be removing the Google Analytics one, cause this is waaaay better. They also have a premium version of the service that is well worth $15 a year.

pMetrics Blog Analytics Now Available! | Performancing.com

Performancing is pleased to announce the re-release of pMetrics blog analytics. In its current state, pMetrics is a simple, clean, “chock-full-of-features” stats program, specifically targeted for blogs.

For the discerning consumers, check out the learn more link. But from me, here is a quick run down of my favorite features. 


  • Spy. This is a realtime scrolling list of the most recent activity on your blog, I set it up in my firefox sidebar, (hint to performancing.com, the format could be improved for this usage, but it is still very cool to watch the visitors roll in and follow their tracks).
  • The ability to ignore your own IP address or computer, as mentioned in the comments by SEOGuru.
  • The feeds are cool, especially the ability to send yourself reminders of what search terms people are using to get you your pages.
  • The integration with the google maps API is very cool, way better than Googles own analytics package, go figure?
  • An affiliate program, not that it will earn you much unless you get heaps of clicks through and premium signups, but for some people that is a possible incentive.
  • There are more things in the works too, like Ajax goodness and the ability to export data.

What more can I say, but get over to pMetrics, sign up if you’re not already on board, and get the best metrics package currently available!

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