Back in August of 2006, I decided to start up my fourth experiment in blogging, a professional blog about issues surround¬†Sustainability, Land Development, Engineering and the local economy and urban form. The first three blog experiments have been long abandoned now, but UrbanWorkbench is still going strong, and with this post we’ve hit 900!

According to the computational search engine, Wolfram|Alpha, it has been 1288 days, or 920 weekdays since we started. Does that mean I’ve only taken 20 days off writing? Typically I write more than one post in a session, and do a lot of it on weekends, shuffling posts around as breaking news takes¬†precedence.


So this is the point where I thank everyone who has supported me in this endeavor, particularly my wife Robyn, who has been extremely patient, the sponsors who have provided advertising support, t-shirts, coffee mugs, conference passes, academic books, non-fiction books to review, and speaking and writing opportunities. Lastly I’d really like to thank those who have participated in the conversations going on here, particularly those of you in the Kootenays who are affected by some of the local issues I’ve covered since moving here.

We moved to the Kootenays just over 3 years ago, when I started this blog we had no idea where we would end up living, only that we were planning on moving back to Canada. Now we are here, we couldn’t imagine loving anywhere else as much.

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Mike Thomas P.Eng. ENV SP, is the author of and Director of Engineering at the City of Revelstoke in the Interior of British Columbia, Canada.

3 replies on “Post 900”

  1. Congratulations and thanks, Mike!

    You have given the whole Community ‘lots to chew on here’!

    I apreciate that it is not all ‘fun’ … and takes some family support as well.

    Thanks for all of your efforts on behalf of the Kooenays and Castlegar. … and thanks for giving others the opportunity to circulate comments and opinion as well!

    Raymond Koehler (& manuel said )

    dos maridos -art, ltd.

    619 – 9th Avenue,
    Castlegar, BC V1N 1M5

  2. Thank you Mike, please keep it up, I look forward to number 1000.

    I find your blog very interesting since I found a link from the Tyee. Although I may not understand all the technical stuff , there is still a lot that I have learned and now do understand and also given me food for thought.

    Thank you and your family for all the championing you do for Kootenay country with regard to real sustainability.

    We will get those chickens one day.


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