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The end of January may signify different things for different people, but for our family, it represents a call to action, a call to the gardening, farming and seed catalogs and a call to start planning out the garden beds for the coming growing seasons.

This year we’re going big. We’re planning a hoop greenhouse and some land clearing to make way for longer, more manageble garden beds that hopefully will be able to produce market garden quantities of food. In our longer term plans, we’re hoping to build a new garden shed, chicken coop, rabbit hutch and goat house, with over 1/4 of an acre to be dedicated to urban farming practices, the plans are still being drawn up, but soon we’ll be ready to start clearing and staking out the garden beds. (This does feel slightly ambitious considering there is still 1.5 feet of snow in our backyard.We may plant some more fruit trees on the hillside below the house, as we will likely be abandoning the garden bed that the previous owners developed there.


Our kitchen is also getting a makeover of sorts with a worm farm that we are designing. This will serve us particularly well in the winter when the snow is deep and it can be difficult to get down to our compost bins.

I’ll keep our progress updated on UrbanWorkbench over the coming months.

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