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After yesterday’s prediction from a Russian Professor that the US is going to cllapse, split and fall into disarray, I thought I’d cheer things up a bit with James Howard Kunstler’s predictions for 2009…

By May of 2009, the stock markets will resume crashing with the ultimate destination of a Dow 4000 before the end of the year. Meanwhile, jobs will vanish by the millions and companies will go bankrupt by the thousands, especially in the so-called service sector, and in all the suppliers of such, along with the landlords in all the malls and strip malls. The desolation will mount quickly and will be obvious in the empty storefronts and trash-filled parking lagoons. In the event, two things will become increasingly clear to the nation: that the consumer economy is dead, and that there is no more available credit of the kind that Americans are in the habit of enjoying.
We’ll turn around early in 2009 and discover that we are a much poorer nation than we though…

Source: Clusterfuck Nation by Jim Kunstler : Forecast for 2009

That livened the New Year’s Eve party up didn’t it? If even half of the predictions came half true the world is in for a massive change in the next 12 months.

[ad#250-left]As you can see from the photo, Kunstler is part of the generation that reaped the greatest benefits from the cheap energy fiasco. He has been an extremely outspoken critic of many of the policies of local, state and federal politicians relating to the public space and urban planning, and in recent years has written books such as the Long Emergency and World Made by Hand about the way things will change as a result of Peak Oil, Energy Descent and the geopolitical and financial crisis that will accompany this crazy, tumultuous time.

Enjoy New Year’s Eve, the prediction is that things are going to change. As Kunstler says…

My hope for the year, at least for my own society, is that we will transition away from being a nation of complacent, distracted, over-fed clowns, to become a purposeful and responsible people willing to put their shoulders to the wheel to get some things done. My motto for the new year: “no more crybabies!”

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