insulation environmentally friendly housing materialsI recently gave some advice to friends on safer forms of housing insulation and found that in Australia some of the products I had read about were hard to come by. Australia is still lagging on this one, my favorite has found a spot on Inhabitat’s pages today…

Comprising of 100% recycled denim, Ultra Touch proves that you don’t need to sacrifice your health in order to reap the benefits of efficient insulation. Unlike its toxic candy-floss-like alternative, the cotton material is safe enough for your kids to enjoy a tumble in, being entirely free of carcinogens and formaldehyde.

Source: Inhabitat » RECYCLED BLUE JEAN INSULATION by Bonded Logic

Cotton is a touchy subject in Australia with dwindling water reserves and I am under the impression that some blended cotton insulation products available may use virgin cotton stocks rather than recycled material, I haven’t been able to verify this yet! More after the jump…


Also of interest are wool insulation panels that are being produced, but I’m not sure that these can use recycled wool fibres either. But everyone wears jeans, and at some point, they all wear out, but the fibre is still able to be used for something. But as their website (currently) states,

Bonded Logic is currently not accepting used jeans. Information on future denim drives will be posted if available”.

Hopefully this is because there has been such a groundswell of support, rather than a lack of interest in the product.

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