Most companies that use the internet to market their wares have either of the following types of websites, a static page that tells the customer how to find their bricks and mortar address, how to contact them and perhaps samples of what they do or testimonials form satisfied clients, or if they have physical items to sell, they have a ecommerce website, complete with a “shopping cart”, cause that’s what people put a new computer in if they’re in the store, don’t they?

However, a new trend is to offer a product or service, and alongside of that, offer information, tips or news to your potential clients, usually for free. Most of the sites that are doing this well have a blog structure, using software like wordpress, typepad or drupal to run the content of the website. Today, I’d like to show you a website that I think meets the challenge of providing quality information and excels, without making the reader feel cheapened by the experience, (like on some sites – but I’ll leave that for another post!).

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Property Today is an easy way to find property for sale, and offers the user an excellent interface for learning about all things real estate and property. On top of this they regularly update their news section with tips on how to buy and sell property and how to maximise your profits from any property transactions.

The great thing about this format, is that customers come to see you and your company as a source of information in the niche, these guys have links to over 100,000 houses for sale, which I assume they make a commission on if sold or accessed through the site. but on top of that, they have information on mortgages, local realtors, international real estate sales and flats for rent. Some of these links are offsite, but add value to the user as they browse through the site.

The graphics and layout are clean and easy to navigate, and the overall feel of the site is professional and no nonsense. This is certainly a site that I would recommend trying for anyone in the UK looking at purchasing a property.

Published by Mike Thomas

Mike Thomas P.Eng. ENV SP, is the author of and Director of Engineering at the City of Revelstoke in the Interior of British Columbia, Canada.