Red Mountain Resort recently commenced the operation of a free shuttle running from near downtown Rossland to the base area of the ski hill. (Note this is not to be confused with the evening shuttle being run by Adrenaline Adventures, at a cost of between 1 and 2 dollars a trip, details can be found here).

The Red Mountain Resort Website states that the shuttle bus is was only scheduled to operate in the Christmas Holiday period, however it was operating this Friday as well, (which was a promotional free ski day), with awesome snow to boot!

Unfortunately either not many people knew about it, or figured they’d be better off driving, and this is what the resulting parking situation looked like… (post continued after the jump)

At the Emcon Parking Lot – Downtown Rossland

Emcon Parking Lot - Downtown Rossland

At Red Resort – Main Parking Lot

Red Resort - Main Parking Lot


At Red Resort – Red Mountain Road

Red Mountain Road

I’m not sure what the plans for continuation of this bus service from Rossland to Red Mountain are, but the concept of providing convenient free mass transit from the Town Centre to the base fits neatly into the sustainability plans being developed by the community. As more people, particularly residents, are made aware of this service and realize that it is simpler and safer than driving to and parking at the hill, I hope patronage of the buses would be such that a continuous service would be proposed, rather than only operating on the hour…

Rossland to Red shuttle scheduled – Red Mountain Resort News

Pick-up at Emcon Yard in upper Rossland at 10:00am, 11:00am and 12:00am with drop-off at the Red Mountain Resort base area.

Pick-up at Red Mountain Resort at 2:00pm, 3:00pm and 4:00pm with drop-off at the Emcon Yard.

*Pick-up and drop-off times may vary slightly depending upon seating availability.

If you are headed up to the hill during this season, please call the resort on 1-800-663-0105 or (250) 362-7384 to find out if the shuttle is operating! If it’s not, why don’t you consider car pooling, it seems silly to see 500 cars with 1 person in each, all from the same location (relatively) to the same destination heading there at about the same time. That’s why the bus idea makes a lot of sense. The convenience of having a car full of gear up at the hill is pretty nice, but how many of us really head to the car to grab something during the middle of an epic powder day?

This has been a great initiative by the resort, necessitated in part by the construction works in progress at the base area, but also reflecting a perception of sustainability concerns in the Red Resort Team.

What are your thoughts, would you, do you use free shuttles or public transport to get to ski resorts? How would you help inform people of the status of the car parking arrangements, particularly seeing that there are only problems on the "big days" of the season?

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