Reflections on the Week

I haven’t written much this week, not that there hasn’t been a lot I could have written about, it’s more that there have been a lot of things to think about.

Summer is in full swing in the Kootenays, the lure of the Columbia River is strong at this time of the year, and it’s even stronger when Rainbow Trout insist on leaping out of the water to eat my poor attempt at imitating a downed Caddis floating down the eddies and currents. The garden is alluring too, with Peaches

Work has been busy, I don’t typically write about it here, however, I’ll point people to local and provincial media if they want to discover the controversy of a Golf Course proposal in Rossland.

I received my Professional Engineer designation (in BC) a couple of weeks ago, but this week I received the actual stamp that is the symbol of the responsibility to maintain the code of ethics and bylaws of the Association.

I think the weekend holds room for golf, fly fishing and family time. I have some writing to do, for UrbanWorkbench and other projects, but that will fit in between the other activities, it’s Summer after all.

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Mike Thomas P.Eng. ENV SP, is the author of and Director of Engineering at the City of Revelstoke in the Interior of British Columbia, Canada.