Revising the Russian Prediction

A revised prediction? At the end of last year I wrote about Igor Panarin’s prediction that the US would collapse within a few months into 2009… He’s revising his prediction:

russian-americaNow Russian foreign policy expert Igor Panarin has moved the predicted U.S. collapse date forward to 2010 and cited new reasons for the country’s projected demise.

With spring about to bloom and Panarin’s original prediction not close to fruition, Panarin issued a revised prediction Tuesday. The Russian foreign policy expert told students, professors, diplomats and invited press corps representatives at the Russian Diplomatic Academy that the breakup will occur before 2011. Panarin said President Obama will impose martial law on the citizens of the U.S. this year preceding the breakup.

Panarin’s evidence is somewhat general, based in part on a conclusion that the U.S. is in a state of moral decline. Panarin referred to school shootings, prison statistics, and the number of gay men as evidence of the country’s alleged moral decline. Panarin’s other evidence of impending collapse is the U.S. financial situation, particularly its declining stature as a world economic force.

Source: Russian Foreign Policy Expert Igor Panarin Revises US Collapse Prediction: New Rationale, New Date – Associated Content

What are your thoughts? Is this something America should consider possible?


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One reply on “Revising the Russian Prediction”

  1. That so-called expert Igor Panarin is dead wrong, were collapsing right now this minute as of March 5 of 2010.

    My prediction is based entirely on the fall of mankind in general, not just the America’s eventual end. Make no mistake about it for it is already written in the stars. Mankind will soon fall, our political corrupt system will come to an abrupt end thus ushering in Christ’s heavenly kingdom, soon to invade this most lawless planet we temporarily occupy in space. [ as witnessed in the book of revelations]

    Growing up in the fifties I never thought much about the politics of the day, and frankly there wasn’t much reason too. No, until the sixties when that Vietnam conflict over in Asia became an unwanted reality for us all. I remember those college students protesting this illegal war loudly and in surprisingly large numbers back then too. They burned lifelike effigy s of Kennedy, Johnson, drivers licenses, registration cards, etc. That civil rights movement led by Martin Luther King Jr & friends was only beginning to take shape, while that antiwar protesting continued on all across this country.

    I remember the horrors of Kent State University the focus point of numerous protests marchs. Who doesn’t remember the National Guard firing on those unarmed students, killing and wounding many of them in this country of the so-called free. Oh yes, many of these young people wound up casualties of that hideous conflict, on all warring fronts .

    My future prediction for this country is as follows

    This summer is going to be filled with more insane violence across the globe. I predicted many more devastating earthquakes worldwide, Island threatening tsunamis. A noticeable rise in terrorist attacks, scores of looting and rioting worldwide. I envision food riots taking place in major population centers all across this diseased country of ours. Logically speaking? “People are only civilized as long as their bellies remain full”

    I also predict the collapse of the USA as we know it today. Brought on by a great falling away from the universal laws given by that same living God who created us all. However, unlike that Russian know-it-all, & Communist idiot! My country’s projected demise will be on the Lords timetable, not mans.

    From Proverbs
    “Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools” (( Igor Panarin))

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