Sandpoint Idaho’s Transition

The New York Times has an excellent (long) article on the closest real Transition Initiative to us here in the Kootenays – Sandpoint Idaho. For the readers who don’t know about the transition movement, the first page has a pretty concise summary about how this started in the UK. But the focus is definitely on what is being unleashed in Idaho…

The Green Issue – The End Is Near! (Yay!) –

In Sandpoint, though, people were trying to move the stale chatter of environmental collapse out of the health-food store and into the 21st century — to pull each incongruous part of their community together and make their town, collaboratively, the blessed place they all knew it could be.

If you are at all interested in community driven models of sustainable change, you should check out this article, then go and buy The Transition Handbook by Rob Hopkins.

Transition Castlegar anyone?

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Mike Thomas P.Eng. ENV SP, is the author of and Director of Engineering at the City of Revelstoke in the Interior of British Columbia, Canada.

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  1. The Transition Movement is taking off! I haven't read the whole NYT article – looks like some quality weekend reading though, probably a good introduction to Transition Towns too.

  2. “Transition” an interesting concept, people coming together to build something that we had before the masses got here. We called it a community. Some of the ideals I applaud. But when you add in the liberal ideology and start making people do things dictated by a new form of rule, I’m out! I am a live and let live guy, or as it has been labeled just hanging on to my guns and gold and my God. We all have the freedom to choose. My prayer is that we choose the latter. That all men would know we are Christians buy our love for one another. That is the Transition community I want to live in.

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