A variety of bean seeds.

This weekend, my wife attended a seed saving workshop held right here in Castlegar, the heart of Doukhabor heritage and a place of renaissance for local farming and sustainability in North America.

Interestingly, the source of many of the seeds we grow in our garden, Dan Jason, from Salt Spring Seeds was interviewed for a Vancouver Sun article on seeds and the growing culture of responsible gardening…

Sowing seeds for a greener world

“It’s incredible what’s been happening across the country this year,” he says. “Communities are realizing that food security equates with seed security. People are realizing that their food source will come down to local production before too long, if it’s to remain accessible and reasonably priced. In the past few months, I’ve had 5,000 e-mails from people who are digging up their lawns, buying seeds and taking down the garage to build greenhouses. People are worried. It’s happening in an unbelievable way.”

Although the growing season has just ended here in BC for 2008, we are excited for the upcoming 2009 season to see if we can outdo ourselves with food production!

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