The photos coming from Newcastle have all been a bit wild with the storms. The best are of the Pasha Bulker ship stranded on Nobbys Beach. Apparently they are planning a salvage attempt, but many people believe that it will remain there until it disintigrates, much like the Signa, stranded a few miles north on Stockton Beach, sounds like a similar story, it’s just a much bigger ship, and on a very public beach!

The Sygna off Stockton BeachDuring May 1974 the NSW coast was being battered by large storms which brought heavy swells to both Sydney and Newcastle ports. Newcastle port reported a swell of over 17 meters at the entrance.

The Sygna was on her maiden voyage, with a load of 50,000 tonnes of coal destined for Europe at the time of the accident. She was anchored four km off Newcastle when the Bureau of Meteorology issued a storm warning and directive for ships to move out to sea. Seven of the ten ships anchored off Newcastle did so, however the Sygna was not one of them.

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Here’s some photos Creative Commons Licensed off of the Pasha Bulker (…


Flickr Photo Download: Pasha Bulker Saturday 9 June 2007

Flickr Photo Download: 8th June, Shipwreck on Nobbys


Flickr Photo Download: On the beach.

A local photographer, Tim Christie has some great photos too, more flickr photos here.


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