Simple Solutions

How often do you feel that the world is unnecessarily complex? Here are some simple products and solutions I’ve enjoyed using recently.


I’ve used Sugru for a couple of years now. It’s not an everyday product, but it has provided lasting solutions to a number of problems in our house, from a broken toilet seat, to crafting a new butt for a fishing rod, to the usual fixes like cord protectors. What’s Sugru?


SinkShroom and Tubshroom

After years of frustration with complex North American bathroom plumbing in a household with three girls with long hair, I didn’t hesitate to back the Sinkshroom and Tubshroom on Kickstarter last year. Now available on Indiegogo, I can highly recommend these products as an alternative to complex and easily clogged sink and tub stoppers. Finally a simple, easily cleaned solution to hair and lint blockages.

That’s all, just wanted to share these great products!