Small Town Entrepreneurs

The other day I read this quote:

“Anyone who wants to be an entrepreneur should consider any small town”

Source: Sprawled Out: When creative minds align…

It is a quote from a Tracey Porter, a successful business woman who runs (with her husband) a home decor, fashion and jewelry brand from the rural town of Princeton, Wisconin.

“You have to climb outside your box,” Tracy Porter says. “Anything you can do from somewhere else you can do in a small town.”

Some towns have what it takes to support a national business. The benefits are huge if you can take the risk. Land and construction costs are lower, commute times are as short as you want them to be, and lifestyle factors can improve too.

I can think of several candidate towns in regional Australia and Canada for this kind of transformation, all it takes is the right mix of people, enthusiasm and great ideas.

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