Heirloom Squash
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Robyn and I are ordering seeds and equipment in preparation for our first year of SPIN gardening.

“SPIN-gardeners are always thinking of ways to creatively expand, just like SPIN-farmers,” Satzewich says.The SPIN system involves “relay planting,” densely sowing one crop after another to keep the beds perpetually full; growing short-season, high-end crops consumers will pay a premium for; modest investment in equipment, with most work done by hand; efficient cooling, prepping and bagging of produce and stretching the growing season by planting selected crops earlier or later than conventional guidelines dictate.

“You have to kind of lose the home-gardening baggage in terms of planting dates,” Satzewich says. “We plant spinach as soon as the ground thaws.”

Profitable backyard gardening in Philadelphia | Philadelphia Inquirer | 01/30/2009

[ad#200-left]We’ve got a lot of work to do in terms of land clearing and building up organic material in the soil, but we are excited to have a plan for a profitable productive garden.

Seeds and equipment have been purchased from Westcoastseeds, Veseys, and Eagle Creek Seed Potatoes. We still have some seed left over from Salt Spring Seeds as well. Anyone else doing some big gardening plans this year?

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