Storms on the NSW Coast

The ship that ran aground, the 225-metre coal carrier Pasha Bulker, is now up on the beach we played at with the kids while living in Newcastle.

A FAMILY of four were swept to their deaths in a road collapse last night and an elderly couple was feared lost in a raging torrent as some of the worst storms in 30 years wreaked havoc across NSW.

There are also fears of an environmental catastrophe if a ship that ran aground in Newcastle yesterday breaks up, leaking its 700 tonnes of fuel oil.

Four swept to their deaths – National –


Flickr Photo Download: Pasha @ Night 4


Flickr Photo Download: Pasha @ Night 1

More Photos here and here. My mum is on the 7th floor of Royal North Shore Hospital, a ten storey building, and she said that there are drips coming through the ceiling. Expecting another 100mm of rain in the next 24 hours. Batten down the hatches!