Subtropical Cities Conference 2006

One fo the unique things about Australia is it’s diverse climate, and it’s neat to see Brisbane hosting the Subtropical Cities Conference for this year  – H.T. to Brisburbology.

Centre for Subtropical Design – Conference

Subtropical Cities 2006 conference aims to raise the level of public debate about achieving ecologically sustainable urbanism in subtropical settlements through attention to climate responsive design.

Looks like some interesting speakers with experience in countries such as Mexico, Thailand, South Africa, Brazil, and of course Australia.  It would be nice to see some of the papers that would be presented at a conference like this that has a particularly sustainable flavour to it.
Living in Newcastle, I find it encouraging that many leading practicioners in sustainability are able to influence government policy on simple issues like passive solar design within subdivision layouts, and the location of trees in relation to predominant wind patterns and overall housing design for comfort and performance.
I’d love to get invited to “liveblog” one of these events some day…

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Published by Mike Thomas

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