Sewer Manhole - CC licensed image on Flickr WorldChanging now has blogs for cities around the states, and one big one for Canada, which I’m proud to be a part of. Here is a link to a recent post of mine.

Victoria, the Capital of British Columbia, has a problem. For decades the city has been dumping raw sewerage into the ocean, with little regard to marine health or the sustainability of the practice. It seems that public opinion is divided on the issue, with some even questioning why treatment is needed at all. For a nation as proud as Canada about it’s natural tourist resources, this seems to be a short sighted outlook. Thankfully the provincial and federal governments are working towards an innovative solution. (Now that sounds like the Canada we all love and enjoy, doesn’t it!)

Source: WorldChanging Canada: Sustainable Sanitary Sewer for Victoria


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Source: Worldchanging: Our Manifesto


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