Anatomy of a Skyscraper

Educational engineering books that are fun to read and informative are sadly few and far between. A new release from Kate Ascher, the author of The Works: Anatomy of a City, called The Heights – Anatomy of a Skyscraper provides a detailed insight into the planning, construction, operation and maintenance of these most urban of structures. […]

Craftsmanship and Simple Materials

I have a deep respect for traditional building techniques, and the offshoots of these that can be loosely termed “natural building techniques”. Building dry rock walls is one of the techniques that takes patience and a lot of skill, I’ve seen people who’ve “got it” and those who simply don’t. Assuming that something is easy […]

Teaching Kids about Municipal Engineering

The engineering profession is often challenged with ways to pass on the enthusiasm for the profession to younger generations. Part of this is based in the education system and the streamlining of subjects taught, but most of the blame for the seeming obscurity of the profession has to lie with the profession itself. For Civil […]

Municipal Engineering Consultancy Agreements

Many municipalities have small engineering or public works departments that are not staffed by engineers or other professionals who might be able to write up a construction consultancy contract. Even those municipalities that do have professional staff will find this agreement and the associated guide published by the Association of Consulting Engineers of Canada a […]

BC Housing Market Freeze

Image via Wikipedia It is interesting to see “business as usual”  quotes like these popping up from people who’s whole business has been based on expendable income, cheap fuel, and demand for new housing in cities. At a recent Urban Development Institute event focused on forecasting the future, developers Rob Macdonald and Michael Audain were […]