Rental Housing

Driving through the freshly extruded suburbs in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, with freshly painted (computer generated?) subdivision names on entrance street corners, I was struck by just how far we’ve fallen into the hands of the developer/realtor driven subdivision craze. Almost all of these single family houses and townhouse subdivisions still require an […]

Consumerist Sheeple

Communities around North America are waking up to the reality that things are no longer on the trajectory of endless prosperity that we had come to expect. Housing prices are falling, inflation seems a certainty, government and personal debt is at record breaking levels. Yet, the Sheeple still go out Black Friday shopping, some staying […]

A $300,000 Water Meter

The New York Times featured an article about the sleepy town of Bolinas, California, where development has been managed through a unique process… Marc Dwaileebe would like to build a house for his family on land he owns in this bucolic town just 20 miles north of San Francisco. But he cannot hook up to the […]

Boomer Housing Denial

Have you noticed the disconnect between reality and expectations for housing options in the Baby Boomer crowd? A recent AARP study, for example, found a massive disconnect between perceptions of aging and its reality. The vast majority of people surveyed expressed optimism that they would not only be in good physical health in their later years, […]

Seismic Slope Stability Requirements in BC

As of February 1, 2010, the BC Building Code has been amended to require the consideration of potential for slope instability and it’s consequences at a building site becomes an explicit requirement in the design of structures and their foundations, additionally, the seismic design criteria has been increased to a probablility level of 2%-in-50 year. […]