Are Green Buildings Worth It?

The scale and speed with which new buildings have been erected in the past decade is astounding, and in the last couple of years, much more attention has been paid to the environmental impacts of the building lifecycle. Unfortunately, now it appears that even these acts are environmentally questionable… Can Green Buildings Pass Payback Tests? […]

BSC2009 – Boulder Transportation – Will Toor

Traditional road-building focus until 1990 Fiscal, political and physical reality intervened Goal – Hold Traffic to 1994 levels, reduce SOV mode share to 25% Why not just build more roads? If Boulder pursued a road capacity building project: $200 million on road capacity projects improve system congestion from 60% in 20 years to 51% congested […]

The New Revolution

Some days it feels like we should all just give up our cars and start living like we mean it. I know there are a brave few who have done so. You are the pioneers of the new revolution, some of us are on the path to freedom, while most of the western world is […]

Global Warming Stories

In researching for our talk (in just over a week), I’ve been looking for some detailed images of recent research. One of the best images explaining the warming trends we are facing comes from the Earth Observatory page run by NASA. Click on the image to see a full size version. 2008 Global Temperature : […]