Projecting the Future for Civil Society

I’m slowly whittling my way through the pile of great books on my desk, I haven’t done a book review for a while, so here goes. Survival + is 390 pages of well reasoned thoughts on the economy, resource depletion, climate change and how these things are likely to impact your household, communities and the …

Climate Change – Blog Action Day 2009

Will someone please sort out the facts from the BS. If climate change is occurring – whether warming or cooling, it is not an issues reserved for international politicians to discuss, the media to sensationalize, scientists to hypothesize about, or business to find a solution to. All of these are good and useful things if the effort is pointing in a common direction at a known goal. Until that is adequately and definitively defined there will always be cross purposes in every decision made and newspaper article published on the matter.

Saul Griffith on Future Energy

I often get asked how to present the information of climate change, peak oil, the economy and the future of humanity. Saul Griffith, one of the founders of Wattzon a tool to measure the energy impact of your everyday choices presented at the PopTech conference at the end of 2008.

Sustainability in Castlegar?

we wrote a letter to the City asking for some consideration of peak oil, climate change and the economy and the effect that these scenarios may have on the long term sustainabilty of the community. These should be reflected in the budget, planning, bylaws and policies of the City as well as finding ways to invovle the community.

Transition Training in Abbotsford

UrbanWorkbench will be represented at the upcoming Training 4 Transition event in Abbotsford, BC by my wife Robyn Thomas. This course is a useful first step in getting started on the concept of a Transition Town and is being held over two days, March 20th and 21st, 2009, (in Abbotsford, BC).

Sustainability Presentation – Selkirk College

The slides and mind map of our recent presentation to staff of Selkirk College entitled, “Sustainability or Survival – the future of life in the Kootenays” can be downloaded here. I will update these links this weekend! Sustainability_Presentation_-_Slides Sustainability_Presentation_-_Map1 This was a lot of fun and gave us an opportunity to challenge a few people …

The Oil Experiment

Image by wvs via Flickr Note this is not just another post about the inauguration speech – it’s about oil. The Obama inauguration speech gave hope to millions of Americans who are concerned about the sustainability of the culture we live in – but the question that remains unanswered is whether the economic and social …

Peak Oil Transitions

My wife Robyn and I have been asked to speak at a professional development day in February for Selkirk College staff and faculty. The general theme for talks was sustainability, and we’ve proposed a talk entitled, “Sustainability or Survival” aiming to present the facts about climate change, peak oil, and the economy; and outline the …