Castlegar Airport and Air Canada

While Castlegar Council remains entirely optimistic about plans for a gaming centre, new landing lights and the potential for commercial operations on the airport lands, it seems that the rest of Canada and the world is waiting to see which way things will turn as this recession tosses its victims about like a tornado – particularly the airline industry.

Small City Airports

I’ve been criticized for saying this before, but I’m not the only one that is pointing this out – so I’ll pass this article on as a reference to the idea that small airports are struggling to maintain services and things are not going to get easier around North America. The following article references several American cities…

Intercity Buses

This is good news of sorts… More Americans are getting on the bus – “The growth in intercity bus traffic is being driven by a number of factors, chiefly the spiking price of fuel over the past year,” said Joseph Schwieterman, professor of public service and director of the Chaddick Institute, who directed the […]

Castlegar Airport Beacons

According to a Towns for Tomorrow grant application (taken from the Council agenda for November 17, 2008) for $375,000, the City of Castlegar is planning on spending funds from various sources of about $1,000,000 to upgrade the airport to permit nighttime flights to take off and land at Castlegar Airport. $100,000 of airport reserves will […]