Building Community

In times past, you couldn’t be an individual and live in a town or city. There wasn’t TV or the internet to distract us from the necessary task of making friends in a community. The community was the lifeboat you could trust to rescue, it was the means of commerce and service. It wasn’t just the group of people sharing a common location, it was a group of people sharing a common goal or set of ideals.

The Product of the 20th Century – CO2

Back in the sixties, a bold group of thought-leaders considered the path of growth that the world appeared to be heading on, and asked themselves the question, “can there be limits to growth?”. At the time, this was considered a preposterous idea, right in the golden age of the automobile and suburban sprawl with cookie cutter bungalows popping up all over North America.

Wind Power Rustlers

The battle for land to place turbines on is heating up in Wyoming, with locals having little trust in the secretive salesman approach from the developers. From the developer’s perspective, there’s a lot more opportunity out there now with transmission¬† lines being planned as well. A Land Rush in Wyoming Spurred by Wind Power – […]


I am writing this post on a state of the art machine able to transmit information across the world at the click of a button. Twenty years ago this technology was only available to people in research facilities, the military and universities – now it is ubiquitous. I can speak to family members in Australia […]