Is High Speed Rail The Answer?

I’ve suggested before that returning to rail would be a good thing for many areas, and that air travel is likely to decline, as well as support for roads and longer distance highway travel. So if rail is good, the high speed rail must be better right? Not that anyone is seriously talking about high […]

Recession? What Recession? Let’s hear you say Recovery!

The media reporting on the state of the TSX is pitiful. Daily we hear either that it is rallying, or that some commodity or other is to blame for a slump. And every day, the pundits are able to tell another story, spin out another reason to bet your savings against the promise of growth. But the general feeling in the news rooms seems to be that the recession is over – don’t mix this up with unbridled optimism in the general public though. Governments would have to be getting nervous as their budgets show red for years to come, and the need to spend our way out of this mess is ingrained deeper with every cheque that is signed.

A Discussion on Peak Water

Image via Wikipedia Over at Aguanomics there is a guest post by Damian Bickett, a PhD student from University of California Berkley. In this post Damian discusses the use of the term “Peak Water” in a book  by Peter Gleick (among others) of the Pacific Institute. You can read the whole post here, but this […]