Obama Wins The Nobel Prize Luckydip

So Obama got the Nobel Peace Prize for this year. Considering what he has replaced, he does look like a ray of hope, but it is all a little premature, isn’t it? The poll on the Guardian Website thinks so, (as of writing this post). Click on the poll image to cast your own vote […]

The Oil Experiment

Image by wvs via Flickr Note this is not just another post about the inauguration speech – it’s about oil. The Obama inauguration speech gave hope to millions of Americans who are concerned about the sustainability of the culture we live in – but the question that remains unanswered is whether the economic and social […]

US Recovery Plans

Image via Wikipedia The New York Times has an excellent rundown of Obama’s Financial Recovery plans… Several hundred billion dollars could go to states and cities to finance public works and subsidize their health and education programs so that local governments do not have to raise taxes and cut essential programs, steps that would be […]

Leftovers for Mr Obama

Few people realize the magnitude of change that is being heralded with the new presidency – but most of the change has nothing to do with Barack Obama’s ability to lead, it’s outside of even his sphere of control. The world as we know it is changing – will the leadership of our nations choose […]