BC’s Living Water Smart Blog

The BC Ministry of Environment recently established a wordpress blog for the Living Water Smart project. As far as I know, this is the firs example of a provincial ministry using blogging software, including permitting comments, (with moderation) on the site!  The first post, by Barry Penner, the Minister, requests comments, and at last count […]

Major Industry Taxes and Rural BC Communities

Over at the Castlegar Current, there is some venting over the unpaid property taxes owed the City by Mercer for the Celgar Pulp Mill site. Briefly, Celgar decided not to pay it’s property taxes and requisitions for other levels of government to the City of Castlegar by the deadline in August 2009. Now the battle is going to […]

Recession? What Recession? Let’s hear you say Recovery!

The media reporting on the state of the TSX is pitiful. Daily we hear either that it is rallying, or that some commodity or other is to blame for a slump. And every day, the pundits are able to tell another story, spin out another reason to bet your savings against the promise of growth. But the general feeling in the news rooms seems to be that the recession is over – don’t mix this up with unbridled optimism in the general public though. Governments would have to be getting nervous as their budgets show red for years to come, and the need to spend our way out of this mess is ingrained deeper with every cheque that is signed.

Shipping Returns to the Columbia River

Having missed the most exciting transportation and engineering event on the Columbia River for 2009. I’ll resort to relying on other people’s accounts of the journey. As an aside, this is an example of the use of traditional transportation methods in BC, a province of lakes, rivers and large mountain ranges. Last century there were even train barges on the lakes around here, as the steep shorelines prevented easy access for rail.

Kootenay Grain Community Supported Agriculture

The following post was written by my wife Robyn, hopefully we’ll see more posts on her perspective of local food and sustainability. Looking forward to the harvest… As I gaze across my flourishing garden my mouth begins to water as I imagine the taste of buttery-baked buttercup squash on a cold winter evening.   I ponder […]

Climate Change and Health in BC

Many people I speak to around BC about Climate Change don’t realize how much research has been undertaken from a BC perspective on the impacts of Climate Change. For those of you who aren’t into reading lengthy government reports, check out the presentation series linked below.

Castlegar and the Art of Happy Motoring

With a very long landform, Castlegar is drawn out from a rural downtown in the North, through semi-commercial zones and strip malls, past seniors housing complexes, standalone restaurants isolated from the street front by parking lagoons, more strip malls, tire centers, car parts, car yards, gas stations, car washes, more strip malls, fast food outlets complete with drivethroughs, railway crossings,  highway interchanges, complete with overpasses and a UFO-like cloverleaf which just complicates traffic patterns to the point of madness for visitors.