The Fight for Peak Oil Information

In my quest for information on Peak Oil from the British Columbia Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, another roadblock (no pun intended) has been thrown in front of my adventure. Apparently I need to know the title of the documents I’m requesting under Freedom of Information to get the fee waived – not just a […]

BSC2009 – Facilitating Sustainable Agriculture – Part 2

Planning for Agricultural Success Strengthening Farming Program Plan initiated in 1996 to facilitate local government support of agriculture. Agricultural Area Plan Provide policies and bylaws for municipalities raises awareness of agriculture build community support for farming 26 plans and strategies completed in BC since 1992, 16 plans underway Who’s involved Farmers Agribusiness Community food action […]

City of Trail Reject Goats

[ad#125-right]The City of Trail closed down discussions of allowing pygmy goats within the residential areas of the City when council voted against changing the Animal Control Bylaw – (which look remarkably similar to the City of Castlegar’s  hmmm) in response to a request by a resident, Ms Marion Schramm. Only councilor Gord De Rosa voted […]

Fernie Methane Project

“Unconventional gas development” is the phrase used to describe the project near Fernie that has just been approved by the BC Government. This is not unconventional in the environmental impacts of the project, just about all fossil fuel extraction has a negative impact on the local environment, rather this in unconventional as it is coal-bed […]

Goats on the Front Line of Weed Control

[ad#125-right]Many communities in the Kootenays face massive problems with invasive weed species, particularly along rural road shoulders and on the fringes of urban development. A recent article by CBC describes a study lauding the benefits of goats in combating this problem – which is likely to get worse with climate change.  The study, led by […]

Latecomer Agreements

Under the British Columbia Local Government Act, there are several ways that a municipality can fund infrastructure that is required as a result of development. One of these is to imposes a latecomer’s charge, to be levied against all developable parcels. Essentially, the developer puts in the infrastructure and the City enters into an agreement […]

Shankers Bend Dam

As a Civil Engineer, many readers would assume that I would be all pro-construction, pro-infrastructure ready to support any concrete structure proposed anywhere in the world. The truth is far from that supposition. Efficiency and environmental protection rank at the top of my priorities. A local example of the tension between infrastructure management and construction […]