Creston Grain CSA Delivery by Boat

This is an exciting climax to a long season’s wait for the produce, and a fitting tribute to the intent of the Community Supported Agriculture Project – to create a viable, community driven source of local grains in the Kootenays…

GreenWashing the Vancouver Sun

The Vancouver Sun thinks that by people signing up for electronic invoices, rather than paper ones, that it is helping the environment. Can someone please remind these people that they run a newspaper? Another case of corporate greenwashing that is meaninless when taken in context of the whole operation. digg_url = ‘’;

BC Climate Action Revenue for Local Governments

The BC government is making an effort to bring the Province into the forefront of climate change sustainability. Part of this was the introduction of the Carbon Tax, and the one off household rebate for this year. Now, Premier Campbell has announced that local governments will be eligible to receive a grant equaling their carbon […]