Peak Oil Vignette 6 – A Trip into Town

Jude stood on the simple wooden train platform, it was just long enough to accommodate a family of four, and just high enough to allow a father to hoist his children into the carriage doorway. Little more was needed, these days there weren’t more than a handful of families living in this remote extension of […]

Reuse of Big Box Stores

One of the obvious fatalities in The Long Emergency is the Big Box style of store. These stores and the parking lagoons that surround them are features of the suburban North American landscape that make cities un-walkable and unsustainable. Sure, we love the prices, but the ethics and destruction of local commerce make some people […]

Thousands of Stores to Close in 2009

When CNN Money posts a story like this, it justifies much of what I and other realists and proponents of change have been saying… The ugly sales year that was 2008 will haunt U.S. retailers in 2009, with industry experts warning that disastrous holiday sales will spark a domino effect of store closures and bankruptcy […]