BSC2009 – Conference Wrapup

Over the past couple of days, I’ve attended the Building Sustainable Communities Conference held in Kelowna with a couple of hundred other people, predominantly from around British Columbia, but also from as far away as Sweden. I covered the contents of many of the sessions in posts that can be found here. These were my […]

BSC2009 – The Sustainability of Okotoks

Why be a sustainable community? Involved connected creative community Necessity – statutory requirements of land planning Building within the environmental carrying capacity Population growth 1988 – 4,000 people 2015 30,000 people. (16% growth) Country residential fragments and expands infrastructure of all types Dwellers on the threshold A choice to be made – Planned destiny By […]

BSC2009 – Boulder Transportation – Will Toor

Traditional road-building focus until 1990 Fiscal, political and physical reality intervened Goal – Hold Traffic to 1994 levels, reduce SOV mode share to 25% Why not just build more roads? If Boulder pursued a road capacity building project: $200 million on road capacity projects improve system congestion from 60% in 20 years to 51% congested […]

BSC2009 – Learning From Linköping – Ann-Cathernie Hjerdt

A model for sustainable community, the Mayor of Linköping, Ann-Catherine presented on the last fifty years of efforts to improve the sustainability of the community – now over 90% of the residential dwellings are heated by the district heating system run by the municipality. A City of 140,000 people The community takes solid waste from […]

BSC2009 – Water Commodification Debate

For the positive argument, Marcel Boyer debates that water is scarce – lets use water prices to send signals to users. Marcel wrote – “Freshwater exports of the development of Quebec’s blue gold” – Montreal Economic Institute, 2008. The true value of fresh water is the cost of desalination of sea water – about $0.65 […]

BSC2009 – Indigenous Thinking on Sustainability – Winona LaDuke

Winona LaDuke is a notable author and native american from Minasotta. Democracy is not a spectator sport. Who is it that is going to fix things? We look around our community and despite all of our shortcomings – it is community that holds the key to change. We need to learn how to be good […]

BSC2009 – Nature, Surprise and Delusional (Wo)Man – Bill Rees

Bill Rees from the UBC school of Community and Regional Planning is a co-author of the book, “Our Ecological Footprint”. There is a problem Humans evolved to think in simple linear ways, in terms of direct cause and effect. But most situations in nature respond to human intervention in complex ways. Humans think that whatever […]

BSC2009 – Growing a Sustainable Economy – Coro Strandberg

Coro Strandberg presented the corporate and institutional sustainability perspective to the conference delegates of the Building Sustainable Communities Conference. Drivers of the New Economy Government Supply Chain Consumers Board Governance Employers Sustainable Governance Good governance = sustainable governance Three types of boards Strategic, compensation, risk analysis, reporting Sustainable Investment Mainstreaming of Socially Responsible Investment Niche […]