Seismic Slope Stability Requirements in BC

As of February 1, 2010, the BC Building Code has been amended to require the consideration of potential for slope…

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Exit Signs

exit signThere are not too many blogs that I’ve found out there providing quality links to construction materials and products of use to the builder and those in the industry. Perhaps the assumption is that these people are too busy to hanging around on the internet blogging all day.

Anyway, I was asked to do a review of this page referring to Exit Signs. These days I’m mostly involving myself with the Civil and heavier infrastructure side of the construction industry, but over the years I’ve learnt a bit about the building industry and relevant codes.

On top of all that I also know a bit about Search Engine Optomisation and the value of of cross links and relevant review posts on relevant blogs. This is one reason why I’m happy to participate in paid promotion of products or pages that may alos be of use to my readers.


But really, I didn’t know much about the existence of products such as photoluminescent exit signs , but now that I’ve read up on them it seems rather obvious! The thought of getting stuck in a high rise building without knowing which way to go to get out is pretty scary, and that’s why there is legislation in all developed countries regarding the installation of Exit Signs.

So back to the website, this is a good primer article on the use and types of exit signs, including Self luminous exit signs which don’t require an external source of electricity. This site is authored by the Exit Store, which I had a browse of and thought was extremely comprehensive and well organised. The webite aims at and links to US sources, which makes sense for a US based company.

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