High Unemployment and Farming

The stories of the great depression still seem far away for most of us in North America, sure there are housing foreclosures, but breadlines?Rising alcoholism? Families sharing houses? Is this North America?

Auto-centric Nation

The rise of the automobile was so pervasive, it has radically altered the North American landscape now and for the future – with or without cheap oil. All told, some 61,000 square miles of the United States – an area a little smaller than the Badger State – is solidly paved over, either with roads […]

Blast From the Past – Electrified Roads

Google Books has just recently included the ability to search through a number of magazines, and while perusing the offerings, I came across this article from August 1990 about electrified roads. The premise being that it works for slot cars, so why not real cars? [ad#125-right]This was dreamt up in sunny California, and it obviously […]