Castlegar and Celgar Reach an Agreement

The City of Castlegar is in a tight position, perhaps that’s why they penned a pretty slick media release a week ago week encouraging residents to participate in a survey and inviting them to the two public input sessions being held on the budget and financial plan. The public has been¬†eerily¬†quite on the issue of …

Castlegar Springs

The Grade-A services we enjoy in Castlegar from the library, water, sewer, streets and sidewalks, right through to the snow clearing operation comes with a hefty price tag. There is an indication out there that we are about to find this out, either through reduced services or increased taxes, as council balances a shift of taxes away from the industrial tax base, predominantly funded by the Celgar pulp mill.

Castlegar’s Property Maintenance Bylaw

Castlegar City Council mis close to adopting a new property maintenance bylaw, which will require owners to keep theiir propoerty free from noxious weeds, insect infestations and rubbish. Additionally, sidewalks will become the property owner’s responsibility to keep clear of snow, dust and debris; and boulevards in general must be kept in a safe and tidy condition, including mowing grass and trimming trees and shrubs.