I Have Not Forgotten the Hens

Just to let my regular readers know, I haven’t forgotten about the issue of Urban Hens in Castlegar. For today’s post, I’d like to share this video from El Cerrito, California that shows some great examples of community building around a family’s chickens. Castlegar City council has chosen to not pursue the issue, instead relying on the […]

Challenging the Chicken Bylaws

The challenge of Urban Chickens makes regular appearances on the national newspaper circuit. The most recent is another New York Times article – this one about the City of New Haven, where some residents are just plain baffled by the fact that the zoning bylaw prohibits keeping chickens. “It seems extraordinary to me that you […]

Chicken Week in Castlegar

As many of you know, the topic of Chickens in Castlegar has been on my mind for some time now. Well this week, on Wednesday, 6th of May at 7pm, Castlegar City Council is going to hold a public input session on the issue of urban hens as pets and for the production of eggs. […]

Urban Chickens in Toronto

And Castlegar, BC? CBC covered a great story of an illegal chicken owner in Toronto who of course wanted to remain un-named. Check out the video here at CBC Sunday program. You can download the wmv file here. For those who doubt the support for urban hens, check out the comments on the CBC website […]

Yard Fresh Eggs

We had a discussion at work about fresh local eggs. One comment made was that some people prefer not knowing “where the eggs come from”. My attitude is that eggs are so much better from free range, (sure they eat bugs and stuff), and they are so much better for you too… Image by Dystopos […]

City of Trail Reject Goats

[ad#125-right]The City of Trail closed down discussions of allowing pygmy goats within the residential areas of the City when council voted against changing the Animal Control Bylaw – (which look remarkably similar to the City of Castlegar’s  hmmm) in response to a request by a resident, Ms Marion Schramm. Only councilor Gord De Rosa voted […]

Mad City Chickens

I’ve posted about this before, but I just found this link to an interview with the director of Mad City Chicken. Click on the image below to see the video. [ad#468] For a link to the film website, click here. This movie is showing in Nanaimo, BC in November… Urban Issues Film Festival in Nanaimo, […]